Hello world of Heart 106.2 Who’s On Heart

I bet your all sitting there wishing you knew who the names were on Who’s On Heart or you know but can’t get through. I’m bet a lot of you are fed up with people guessing names that have already been said I know I am.

I have created this page to put the names of all the Celebrities that have already been guessed so people don’t say the same name twice and you don’t waste your time phoning up and then you may have a better chance of winning that prize!!

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TO GET THE LIST OF NAMES like our Facebook page an update list of all the names guessed. This is a Microsoft excel file with the names in alphabetical order and men and women separated.

Over 700 names now on the list

Send us any names we haven’t listed and spread the word someone has to win this soon!!!!



Heart Hotline: 0845 605 1062                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Who’s On Heart 106.2 names here in a list


I bet you all know the jackpot has just gone upto £60000 and Heart have released a picture file of everyone who has been guessed.

Well we have generated a list of people to make it easier for you which is in alphabetical order and men and women in different lists just hit the green button above.

We have had over 10000 downloads now and over 20000 hits on the website.

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Hearts Mystery Voices Another Day More Money

This is becoming a joke I can’t believe no one has got any celebrities yet are they even famous people they have asked or is it Dave their mate from the pub and a couple of his mates. Someone has to get one correct soon.

Im glad this list is getting bigger everyday though and we keep adding new names so hopefully someone will pull one out the bag soon.

The list is on the blog home page just click on the green button.

We have had well over 1000 downloads now so keep spreading the word and don’t forget to like our facebook page.

Have a nice day

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HEART 106.2 Names incorrect names list

Hi Everyone,

I have just updated the list from the past few days of guessing we have had over 3000 downloads now of this list pretty impressive.

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Many thanks

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Heart mystery names list

Morning Heart listeners.

What a lovely Friday morning lets hope I didn’t get it wrong and someone is going to walk away today with at least 1 answer correct. I have just uploaded the new list with all the incorrect names. There was a few new ones to add to the list yesterday which was nice.  Hopefully this list is getting around now and people are download it. We had over 200 downloads yesterday and had over 1000 this week so people are seeing the names.

Good Luck everyone.

Whos on heart!!!!!!!!! (we don’t know but lets give it a go)

Congratulations on the 1st caller this morning for saying the 3 names that people have said 100 times !!!!! #must have been hibernating the last 4 weeks

Answers to whos on heart 3 mystery voices names

Ha if I knew this I don’t think i’d be telling anyone. But what I  can do is tell you who is’t correct. Over the weeks we have created a list of incorrect names so hopefully people only guess new names and not the same ones everytime.

Please click on the green button to download the list. This gets updated at the end of everyday.

All I ask in return for this is please like our facebook page we would like to get over 100 likes.

Many thanks.

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Hearts Mystery Voices 2012

Well its another day and the 1st person has guessed and none were correct again look at the list people

10am Nicolas Linmdhurst, Rab C Nesbitt & Fiona Bruce Keep Guessing People
11am Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith & Emma Thompson
12pm Steven Jones, Jack Nichols & Madonna  no no no no no look at the list people
1pm Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers, Lye Stander
2pm Jeofry Rush, Bradley Cooper & Helen Bon Carter. Still not one correct answer come on people!!!
3pm Chrisopher Walkin, Syvester Stallone, June Whitefield
4pm Martin Kemp, David Essex, Gerri Haliwell

I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow people. Please spread the word of this list its free to download tell your friends to download it!!